Tuf Wear Boxing Gloves Review

Tuf Wear Boxing Gloves reviewIntroduction:
Nowadays, Boxing Gloves are always a must for every fighter in every corner of the world. These products are particularly designed to protect the boxers and their challengers against critical injuries. That is why many coaches and trainers recommend Tuf Wear Boxing Glove.

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There are a variety of boxing gloves obtainable in market today. They are distinguished on the basis of size, weight, colors, make and design. Given that there are different types of boxing gloves, choosing a boxing glove will depend on its purpose.

Product Features:
These gloves can be obtained in black and white colors. They are available in different sizes, from ten to twelve ounce, and from fourteen to sixteen ounce. With their incredible design, its users get a Pro Air feel for their workouts and training sessions. The double nylon mesh used in its design is combined with Pro additions to the palm and thumb region. This design will maintain coolness and dryness on the users hand during work out session. The composition of the multi-layer lather offers extra power, protection as well as shock resistance features to its users.

Product Benefits:
What makes this boxing glove unique is its tough leather cover hence they offer maximum longevity and durability. The inner line of this glove comes with top grade elastic feature as well as moisture wicking properties to free user’s hands from moisture. The wraparound wrist band comprised of leather ensures that the gloves stays secure and helpful around the user’s wrist and also ensures the training requirements are met.
Some Of the Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners are designed to control the force of contact, shock and bearing on the fighters. Heavy gloves can either slow down or step up at slow rate. Slowing down or deceleration reduces the impact involved on the user as well as the opponent. These gloves causes less acceleration and consequently, results to less brain damage.

Tuf Wear Boxing Gloves are without doubt the best Boxing Gloves meant for use in different types of boxing games as well as training sessions. Obtaining this product will avoid frequent injuries and guarantee an entertaining boxing match.

Never Imagined That Performing Boxing Exercises At Home With No Equipment

Boxing Exercises At Home with no equipmentHave you ever thought how beneficial is it to do boxing exercises regularly?If yes, then a question might have popped up in your

mind concerning the steps of doing boxing exercises at home with no equipment. Boxing is one of those

cardiovascular exercises that can be comfortably done in the house, without using any special equipment. You can do

shadowboxing as there is no need to have a heavy bag or any other equipment. You are supposed to box an

them practice their moves. It demands a great strength and stamina.

imaginary person or your own shadow. This form of boxing technique is generally designed for the beginners to let


You don’t need to see your shadow, you just have to stand in front of a mirror and practice your moves.

The following boxing exercises at home will help you develop the skills without using any equipment-

•Start performing body weight exercises which require no equipment such as pushups, lunges, squats and situps to

improve your physical health.

•In order to improve your endurance and stamina you should do cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling,

jogging and aerobic dance.You should perform these exercises for at least 45 minutes a day for four days per week.

•If you want to improve your hand-eye coordination then try throwing a rubber ball against a wall and catching it. It will also

improve the timing of your reactions which will ultimately help you to defend your self from the punches of your


•You can also perform shadowboxing at you home.

The following steps will guide you through and make you understand the techniques for performing shadowboxing and learn other

punching moves in a correct way:


Always consult the doctor before performing a new exercise routine.

Step 1

Do the uppercut for one round then move on to jab or punch? Try to perform different combinations of these movements for a few

more rounds once you are done with a round of each move. In this way focusing on every single move will help you

learn and understand the movements.

Step 2

As mentioned earlier, boxing is a cardiovascular exercise which means that it will surely get your heart pumping like a fuel pump

in automobiles. You will have to increase your efficiency by throwing a maximum number of punches in a single round.

This technique will drill the moves into your brain. Your effort will go in vain if you are not sure that the moves you are

practicing are fully correct. After completing every round you should take a quick breather and then move on to the

next set. Track your performance by counting the moves you have performed which makes it easier to compare

with the future workouts.

Step 3

Focus on the stance and your feet is very important in movement shadowboxing. You can make your own moves like moving side

to side, pivot, forward and so on. You can add some more jabs and punches if you are satisfied with your stance and


Step 4

Shadow box at your own reflection by looking into the mirror which gives you the feel of boxing with an opponent. As you can see

your moves in the mirror you can comment on your own technique which will help you find out and correct the flaws in

the moves.

Step 5

Every move should be performed in slow motion in the beginning so that you can concentrate on putting all your energy on the

technique. Perform all the motions slowly in order to ensure that your movements are perfect. You can increase the

speed once you are satisfied with your technique. You can undoubtedly perform these boxing exercises at home with

no equipment and keep yourself healthy.